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Re: My 1988 Vmax build follow along....
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Default Re: My 1988 Vmax build follow along....

Also this weekend I put around 340 miles on it. Ran good. It sputters at lower rpm from a load in higher gears.

Brakes require ALOT of lever. I guess they aren't bad, but you have to squeeze the living shit out of it to make it stop. I am just used to having super awesome ZX14 brakes I guess. So I ll be doing something about that probably.

Riding on the highway, very uncomfortable. I forgot the pains of the stock seat. I have to constantly shift my weight around on it. My girl got on it and we went for a quick 30 min ride and she said its different, not as comfortable as the 14. Very rough riding and herky jerky. She liked it because its quiet LOL! I thought its going to be loud soon. But now I am starting to rethink that. She said its such a small bike. I thought it really does feel small.

Bottom line, I think this will most likely be an around town bike. Something you don't get on the highway and don't ride far. My back is already hurting lol.
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