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Re: My experience with BRC
Old 06-25-2017, 09:34 AM
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Default Re: My experience with BRC

Had Danny rebuild my carbs fast service great communication fast turn around. Put carbs on bike sync was almost prefect. Went on 100 mile ride with no concerns and carb responce was great. thanks Danny

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Re: My experience with BRC
Old 10-17-2017, 07:42 PM
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Default Re: My experience with BRC

Shout out to dannymax and PCW Racing (John Ganey), Schenectady, NY.

I've had my 2000 VMax since 2004. Don't ride a lot, and the bike actually sat for about 4 years after a minor incident. Started to get back into riding over the past 2 years, and the bike performance continued to just slide. Took the bike to a local guy who worked on it. Even after this work, it just continued getting worse.

Emailed Danny: quick responses. However, I was hesitant to do anything, because I wasn't sure what was really wrong:carburetion and/or electrical. Danny was confident carb work would work wonders, but I wasn't comfortable doing the carb on/off by myself. Plus, front fork seals were leaking and ride was just terrible.

Danny recommended getting in touch with PCW in Schenectady, NY. Living upstate NY, I felt I could actually ride the bike to the shop. I called John and asked if he would work with Danny to take the carbs, send them to Danny and then troubleshoot the bike after. He agreed this would work fine. I knew I went to the right place when I got to John's and found VMax bikes, motors, and frames being worked on. Found that nowhere else at all!

The result: the two friends worked together to fix my bike up to better than new. John took the carbs off and found all the issues with carb mounting hardware and plugs and cables. Tested all the rest of the electrical and charging system. More importantly, John remedied and tuned up the front end. I had him put Koso Mini-3 gauge on.

Picked the bike up 3 days ago and rode it home. I really could not believe what the ride was like! The suspension and ride were just outstanding. The carbs look better than new, and the motor just growls along with smooth, responsive on-demand power!

I had pretty much surrendered to thinking that I would need to trade the bike, anticipating I would not be able to find a shop to really get it all right. Between Danny and John, and for a lot less than a down payment on a new bike, I feel I got it all!

Thank you Danny and John for helping me get it done right! Outstanding work from both shops!
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Re: My experience with BRC
Old 10-18-2017, 10:03 AM
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Default Re: My experience with BRC

I recently sent my carbs to Danny to check them over for a possible issue with #1 carb but he found no issues. He prettied up the look by replacing all screws (that were still JIS) with allen head screws, made sure the rack was put back together nice and flat, bench adjusted the floats then put together a nice video of them running on his sweet sounding test Vmax.
He also gave me a report on what exactly all the jet sizes were and their condition. He said that they were pretty clean when he got them and asked how I managed to keep them this way since I haven't touched them in over 4 years since I got them back from Damon when he was building this engine. My only trick is to hit the one and only ethanol free station in my area (20 miles from me) as often as possible, and regular doses of Seafoam. I also store them with Seafoam over our winters here just above the 46th latitude line/ 650' above sea level.
Thanks for the great work BD!
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