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Need Thunder 2019 Vmax Surgeons for my 1985
Old 08-09-2018, 12:27 PM
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Default Need Thunder 2019 Vmax Surgeons for my 1985

Please click reply, insert "Rofl 200" emoticon now and hit send....

Ok, now that we've got that over-with, here's my hair-brain idea...

I would like to trailer my bike out to Thunder 2019 in order to get some willing folks to help me fix my bike..... of course for next to nothing....

I'll provide food and beverages for everyone of course, and I will purchase all the necessary parts and bring them out with me.

My bike isn't running well and hasn't for the last couple of years. I don't want to get into the diagnosis right now, that's been a work in progress on the My bike is running like a 500cc thread, that I haven't visited in a while...

Here's a list of things I'd like to address if I don't get to them before Thunder 2019...

-Tear apart the engine and fix the 2nd gear plague that will be replaced with undercut gear dogs purchased from Morley and necessary gaskets etc

-Fix the V-boost - could be a simple solder

-Replace handlebars

-replace clutch with Barnett clutch kit

-install manual radiator fan switch

-upgrade the headlight to some better option - haven't researched much

-diagnose maybe fix leaking exhaust out of cyl 1 and seems to be leaking at slip-on/wahtever exhaust part intersection.

-rebuild front forks with new genuine Yamaha parts and Progressive springs, entertain the lowering 1" option... i already have the parts and springs.

-rebuild carbs. i did this in the past and even a year ago and it did not affect the running operation of my bike... again i dont want to get into details but assuming i dont rebuild them before, this takes me days and you guys can do it in a few have one guy tackle this sorta thing.... I'm not certain the bike running issue is the carbs...

-I may think of more stuff to do to the money pit.

The problem is that I have tried to find affordable help but no one around here knows these things, not even Star Cycle here in Mankato... I know more about the bikes than they do and I won't pay the hourly rate to get all this stuff done, if someone could even do it, which I haven't least what I don't do myself.

So I thought...why not get the bike to the experts and let them have a heyday with it...? Free labor, I guess. Sorry, I don't know any other way other than to struggle with doing all this work myself... which.... if I attempted the transmission issue, I'd be inclined to rebuild the entire engine, which could be good anyways.

I'm not afraid to attempt work.. here's what I have done so far....

-rebuilt the carbs a few times over the last few years.
-this winter, took out old stator and replaced with RM Stator and wired it up to the plug
-replaced stock R/R with SH775. Have a 30A fuse inline and it is located under seat... thanks Bill..

-took out stock coils and made my own COPS and wire harnesses. there is no resistor and they are one of the proper COP numbers...wherever that list is at.. front ones crossed? yes.

-assume everything i ahve done has been done proper. again, not here right now to diagnose the bike.

So, laugh, laugh some more, point your fingers, shake your head....I know guys don't go to Thunder to work on a bike... they do that all year long on their own...but... what other option do I have? I can try to do all this on my own... and we're probably talking a couple years to get it done.... we are all busy with lives and bowhunting season is nearing quick. I can and will try to get some of this stuff done myself,,,, bars, rebuild carbs again, do front forks,..... but I really think the issue is something else.

So sticking to the title of this thread, what do you guys think... in other words, how stupid am I?

<------ this would be a good response... who is gonna be the first?
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Re: Need Thunder 2019 Vmax Surgeons for my 1985
Old 08-09-2018, 03:32 PM
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Default Re: Need Thunder 2019 Vmax Surgeons for my 1985

Although it would entertaining I think that would be rather much of a task..I know Tyler and Damon do fine work there not sure if that would something done in the short time there .. following
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Re: Need Thunder 2019 Vmax Surgeons for my 1985
Old 08-10-2018, 08:48 AM
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Default Re: Need Thunder 2019 Vmax Surgeons for my 1985

While it's possible, but what makes it really hard to do is the location, equipment and tools needed. Let's take working on the transmission, the engine will have to out of the frame and IMO mounted on some sort of stand; especially so if this will be something that others (other than Damon or Tyler) want to learn about doing. ALL the parts needed, all the tools needed will have to worked out as to what will be needed. The physical work along with the explanation of the process will be a lengthy process.
Both Damon and Tyler travel a long ways to get there so them bringing a shop full of tools needed is not practical. I would think working on just one aspect of the repair needed will be a time involved process if there is a lot of taking apart of the bike and setup of a process of presentation for the curious.
Like Jamie I will be following along to see how this progresses.
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